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When you choose Made in London dental, you will receive the very best in dental care. Our practice feels more like a spa than a dental surgery, and your teeth will have the benefit of all the latest technology and experienced and talented dental surgeons looking after them.

With all this in mind we charge very competitive fees for dentistry in Westminster, and you can be confident that your dental health is in good hands with us at all times.




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Our Fees For Dentistry In Westminster

New Patient Examination £75 

X-rays £10 each

Emergency Appointment £85

Scale and Polish £85

Root Surface Debridement £180 per session  

Composite White Filling £160-£460

Composite Veneer From £350

Root Canal Treatment Single Root £490 Multiple Roots £590-£950

White Crown £890-£1,100

Porcelain Veneer From £950

Teeth Whitening £350

Digital Smile Analysis £180









At Made in London Dental, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic and emergency dental services to meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team in Westminster is committed to helping you achieve the smile you deserve, while also providing prompt care during urgent situations.

Our fees for dentistry in Westminster are highly competitive for the area, and you can arrange first class dental treatment on the same day. Contact us today to schedule treatment or learn more about our services.









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